The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the District of Columbia Capitol Metropolitan Police Department are investigating a New Holland man involved in the Capitol siege. According to his own social media postings, the man, Matt Horning, 44, formerly of Washington Court House and Dayton who now lives in New Holland, partook in the storming of the U.S Capitol building on Wednesday. Horning made social media postings in which he claimed he entered the Senate chambers and smoked a marijuana cigarette; the Guardian has not been able to independently verify the man’s claims, but videos posted on social appear to show the man traveled to the nation’s Capital last week. The Guardian spoke with three individuals who said they have alerted the FBI and D.C Metro Police to the man’s claims and possible involvement. The Department of Justice has charged dozens of people that they have been able to identify in photos, videos, and social media postings for their involvement in overtaking the building.

via sciotovalleyguardian: FBI tipped to New Holland man in Capitol siege

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