Australia’s leading civil rights organisation has lamented the assault of a Channel 9 security guard by a neo-Nazi yesterday.
Thomas Sewell, the leader of the National Socialist Network, racially abused the Melbourne security guard and punched him several times. Sewell then posted video of the appalling attack online. Dvir Abramovich, Chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, wished the security guard a “full and speedy recovery”. “We are deeply saddened and horrified by this cowardly and sickening attack and condemn it in strongest possible terms,” Dr Abramovich said. “This assault, which has no place in our society, is another reminder of the racist ideology of the neo-Nazi movement and how quickly its agents of hate are willing to engage in violence.

via 9news: Civil rights group condemns ‘sickening’ attack on Channel 9 security guard by neo-Nazi

siehe auch: White Supremacist Neo-Nazi Assaults Security Guard Outside Channel 9’s Melbourne Studio. A Neo-Nazi has been caught allegedly punching a security guard outside Channel 9’s Melbourne office. Thomas Sewell, who leads the far-right National Socialist Network, stormed into the building yesterday just before A Current Affair was about to air an investigation into the white supremacy group. The National Socialist Network were behind the gathering at the Grampians before Australia Day, which saw around 40 men come together to yell Nazi phrases and burn a cross at night. Sewell was asked to leave the building and an associate of his filmed his protest at the action. “So now security has decided to forcibly remove us and…try and touch our property, he’s coming out again,” Sewell said in footage uploaded to social media. The guard did his best to move the pair outside the building, where they would be free to film whatever they wanted. The unknown man filming the encounter yelled at the guard and used a racial slur. The security guard told him ‘watch yourself. I’m not a dance monkey. Watch yourself’. The footage of the incident became hard to decipher because it was all close quarters, however the next thing that could be seen is the guard and Sewell on the ground, with the latter seen throwing several punches; Neo-Nazi leader bashes a black Channel Nine security guard as his filming mate yells ‘dance, monkey, dance’ after they try to storm the office hours before a report into his extremist group airs. Channel Nine security guard filmed knocked to ground by Neo-Nazi leader. Thomas Sewell and group member filmed arriving at Channel Nine building. Hoping to confront A Current Affair staff before segment aired on Monday night. Request denied as they were ordered to leave by Channel Nine security guard. Heated encounter escalated as security guard was punched by Sewell. A neo-Nazi leader has posted shocking footage of his violent attack on a Channel Nine security guard hours before the network was due to air a report about his extremist far-right group.