Supporters of a far right group recruiting in Scotland include neo-Nazis and former members of the British National Party and Scottish Defence League, we can reveal. An undercover investigation has also found that supporters of Patriotic Alternative posted racist and anti-Semitic comments and disturbing images in a private group on messaging app Telegram. Patriotic Alternative (PA) wants to remove all non-white people from the UK. It is attempting to recruit young people by offering camping trips and paint gun sessions to “build communities” and recently posted images of members hiking in Scotland. It was set up in 2019 by Mark Collett, a Leeds-based extremist who was previously head of publicity for the British National Party. The Ferret was passed hundreds of messages and images after a group called Antifascist Research Collective infiltrated PA Scotland’s private Telegram group. Most of PA’s members use pseudonyms online but more than a dozen have been identified. The private group of around 60 people contains individuals who have been members of, or expressed support for, the Scottish Defence League, neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour, the British National Party, New British Union, British Union of Fascists and the Scottish Nationalist Society.

via Exposed: Inside far right group Patriotic Alternative