YouTube removed a neo-Nazi organization from its platform following an inquiry from Insider. The group had recently hosted former Democratic lawmaker Cynthia McKinney. YouTube also removed the personal account of the group’s white nationalist leader. YouTube has nixed the channel of a fascist political organization — and the personal account of one of its leaders — after it used the platform to spread hateful conspiracy theories about Jews running the world. The move came after Insider reached out to the Google-owned property to ask why it was distributing the content. The neo-Nazi group, which dubbed itself “American Third Position,” was led by Angelo John Gage, a former US Marine and an “infamous white nationalist,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Gage is a long-time far-right extremist and self-styled life coach who used YouTube to rail against Jews. “Judaism is by far the most disgusting religion, ever,” he said in one video. “What makes me sick is how my fellow gentiles bow down to these people.”
That content was removed last month by YouTube, which since at least 2015 had permitted Gage to use the site for neo-Nazi propaganda, such as videos claiming that immigration would lead to “white genocide.” In his most recent video, Gage deployed the same anti-Semitic rhetoric that got his previous output banned but merely substituted the word “parasites” for “Jews.”  YouTube deleted his account altogether after Insider pointed that out. The company declined requests to explain. As with other far-right extremists, Gage has migrated to lesser-known platforms, such as BitChute, a British video-sharing website that, as Insider previously reported, has appeared to welcome extremist content, having “reached its peak popularity in the immediate aftermath of the attempted coup in Washington, DC.” Gage was kicked off Twitter in January. His online organization, American Third Position, openly aligns itself with “fascism,” and the group’s name is itself an old fascist branding effort. It aims to win converts turned off by more explicit Nazi iconography with an ideological platform that ostensibly transcends traditional definitions of “left” and “right,” mixing extreme nationalism with populist, anti-corporate appeals to the white working class.

via businessinsider: YouTube deletes neo-Nazi account that featured an interview with a former member of Congress