Christian Mackey wanted to buy an untraceable rifle and a fully automatic machine gun to stop “hoards” of minorities, a prosecutor argued in convincing a federal judge to detain him until trial. As a teen, Christian Mackey took an interest in Communism and would troll neo-Nazi message boards for fun, the FBI says. Before long, he got hooked on National Socialism and other hateful Nazi ideology and switched allegiances, authorities say. Mackey, 20, of Grand Prairie, joined a Hitler Youth-like group online called Iron Youth and became a self-described “radical Jew slayer” who sought to buy assault rifles to kill those he hated, the FBI says. A Dallas federal judge on Wednesday ordered Mackey held in federal custody until his trial, saying he is a danger given his desire for firearms and statements encouraging the murder of Jews and Blacks. He is charged with illegally selling a gun to a felon. U.S. Magistrate Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez said her decision was based on Mackey’s attempts to buy a fully automatic rifle to kill a lot of people “you don’t like.” And she said his antigovernment philosophy could have endangered court officers assigned to supervise him had he been released on bond. “This is someone posting online that he wants to kill Jews,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Nicole Dana. “I take Mr. Mackey at his word.” FBI agents found a pipe bomb in the house he shared with his parents and grandparents, according to testimony on Wednesday. A couple of days after the Jan. 6 insurrection in Washington, D.C., Mackey told an undercover agent he “urgently needed to get a gun” to “stop a horde” of minorities, according to testimony during his detention hearing. (…) Mackey wrote in July 2019 that he couldn’t have guns because of “legal stuff,” Moore said. Other posts he made talked about adding someone to a “hit list” and a comment that “I’d rather just shoot them,” the agent said. Mackey also wrote that he learned how to make mustard gas, Moore said. When another Iron Youth member posted about a Jewish kid in his class, Mackey suggested killing the student, Moore said. By September 2019, group members had switched to encrypted apps like Telegram, he said. To join, prospective members had to post Iron Youth fliers in public areas and photograph them for evidence, Moore said.

via dallasnews: Alleged neo-Nazi in Grand Prairie ‘urgently’ sought rifle after Capitol insurrection, feds say