An Alaska agency plans to update its electronic screening system after issuing personalized license plates reading “FUHRER” and “3REICH” and later recalling them because of complaints, officials announced Friday. A review by the state Department of Administration found that the same person owned both plates at different times. The “FUHRER” plate was issued over a decade ago and the department’s Division of Motor Vehicles had little information on how requests for personalized plates were processed back then, according to the report by department Deputy Commissioner Paula Vrana. It says the division recalled the plate in October after a complaint. Application for the”3REICH” plate was made in October, but the term was not flagged because it wasn’t on a list of more than 11,000 “vulgar, violent, criminal and demeaning terms” used by an electronic system to screen plate requests, the report says. Flagged requests receive closer scrutiny, but when “included among several hundred other unflagged” items, “3REICH” was inadvertently overlooked for additional review by an employee going through applications, the report says.

via ctvnews: Alaska plans screening changes after ‘3REICH’ license plate

siehe dazu auch: How did Nazi references get on Alaska license plates? Within a few days, Alaska officials expect to share more about how the Division of Motor Vehicles approved and issued a pair of personalized license plates referencing Nazi Germany. One refers to the Third Reich, and the other spells out “fuhrer,” two phrases associated with Nazism. The Alaska Department of Administration oversees the DMV. Administration Commissioner Kelly Tshibaka announced Monday the license plates in question “had previously been recalled by the DMV.” Tshibaka ordered a review of DMV guidelines and processes.

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