Far-right extremists livestreamed on the fringe, youth-targeted gaming website DLive on Wednesday during an unprecedented breach of the U.S. Capitol building that left at least four people dead and others wounded. One of the extremists livestreamed on DLive from the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Hatewatch observed while monitoring the events. White supremacists and neo-fascists have increasingly embraced DLive as a streaming alternative to YouTube, partly because its content seldom undergoes any rigorous degree of moderation. A man named Charles Wayn founded the site in December 2017. Hatewatch has attempted to contact Wayn but has so far been unsuccessful. DLive is now owned by the peer-to-peer file sharing service BitTorrent, which is run by a man named Justin Sun. DLive has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to extremists since its founding, largely through donations of cryptocurrency built into a service provided by the site. Hatewatch reported in November that white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who has featured prominently in the so-called Stop the Steal protests that led to Wednesday’s breach of the Capitol building, has generated money through DLive at a pace that matches a six-figure salary. Other prominent extremists, including a man who corresponded with the terrorist who murdered 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand, in March 2019, also bring in donations of cryptocurrency through the site.

via splcenter: Meet DLive: The Livestreaming Platform Used by Trump’s Capitol Insurrectionists