Activists linked to the white nationalist hate group VDARE sought resumes to fill out White House administration jobs days after media outlets declared Donald J. Trump the winner of the 2016 election, leaked emails show. The emails further corroborate Hatewatch analysis showing that the extreme far-right fringe of U.S. politics grew bolder due to Trump’s rise in the Republican party and then received unprecedented access to power after he took office. Hatewatch previously reported that both White House senior adviser Stephen Miller and deputy communications director Julia Hahn knew VDARE founder Peter Brimelow before Trump appointed them to positions in his administration at the start of his term. Former Breitbart News editor Katie McHugh, who provided evidence of Miller and Hahn’s connections to the movement, also told Hatewatch about the efforts of VDARE activists to influence the staffing of the administration. As with previous investigations, she leaked email exchanges to back up her claims. One email sent to McHugh on Nov. 10, 2016, shows prominent white nationalist propagandist and longtime VDARE author Kevin DeAnna soliciting resumes, which he claimed to be doing on behalf of VDARE-linked pundit Ann Coulter. Timestamps show DeAnna sent the email two days after the 2016 election. Under the subject line “Administration jobs,” he wrote:
Katie, Ann Coulter asked if you want to get a job in the Administration. She wants names. I mean, you have a better in than me with [Steve] Bannon and all, but it’s something you should consider. Send me a one page resume (boastful as if Ann was writing it, not you) if you can. Great work with everything you did this cycle.. KJD
DeAnna is a far-right extremist and a white nationalist. He has published nearly 2,000 articles for more than half a dozen white nationalist sites under the pseudonyms “James Kirkpatrick” and “Gregory Hood” across the last twelve years, as Hatewatch previously reported. While writing as Gregory Hood in 2018 for the white supremacist website American Renaissance, DeAnna defended the formation of countries built only for white people, writing that “white nationalists are the true defenders of existing nation-states.” Coulter, a fixture in the right-wing media circuit for a generation, emerged as one of Trump’s most high-profile backers early on in the 2016 election cycle. Coulter said her anti-immigrant book “Adios America” influenced Trump’s run for office in an October 2015 interview on a television show aired by a Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliate, claiming Trump read the book “cover to cover” prior to announcing his candidacy.

via splcenter: White Nationalists Sought Resumes for Trump White House, Emails Show