According to creators of ‘Decoding anti-Semitism,’ a collaborative approach is required to combat anti-Semitism on the Internet. But experts wonder: Is the technology there yet? As social media platforms take steps to block Holocaust denial, an interdisciplinary project is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) in the battle against online anti-Semitism. “Decoding anti-Semitism” is a collaboration between King’s College London and the Technical University of Berlin’s Center for Research on anti-Semitism. The project is funded by the Alfred Landecker Foundation, which is contributing 250 million euros over 10 years. (…) The newly minted Landecker Foundation’s central mission is to share the history of the Holocaust and fight anti-Semitism, particularly on the Internet. Through the foundation’s “Decoding anti-Semitism” project, an open-source detection tool is being created to align with social media platforms, said lead designer David Allington. (…) “Decoding anti-Semitism” is hardly the first effort to fight hate speech online. In the past few years, dozens of foundations and organizations have attempted to address increases in hate speech against Jews and other groups. “Whatever these organizations are doing, it isn’t working,” said Andreas Eberhardt, founding director and CEO of the Alfred Landecker Foundation. “That is why we have adopted such a collaborative approach and over the coming weeks, months and years the partnership will see discourse analysts, computational linguists and historians come together, combining their expertise for one common goal,” said Eberhardt in an interview with The Times of Israel.

via timesofisrael: Alfred Landecker Foundation gave 250 million euros to cause – Family firm with Nazi past funds effort to use AI to detect online anti-Semitism