Experts have warned that white supremacist activity in the Pennsylvania city of Pittsburgh is among the highest in the entire country but authorities are still limited on how they investigate it. John Pulcastro, a supervisory analyst at the Pittsburgh FBI, described how Pittsburgh has become a “hub” for the far-right and neo-Nazi groups during a “When Hate Hits Home” Zoom presentation presented by the Cyril H. Wecht Institute. “It’s important to understand that it is here,” said Pulcastro, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Pulcastro warned that groups such as Patriot Front—described as an “image-obsessed organization” who rehabilitated the “explicitly fascist agenda” of Vanguard America with extremist patriotism by the Southern Poverty Law Center—are among those holding events and recruiting in the city.

via newsweek: FBI Warn White Supremacist Activity in Pittsburgh Among Highest in Country