We are learning more about Orangevale resident Andrew Casarez who has been unmasked as the alleged leader of a neo-nazi group. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office used social media posts to convince a judge to allow them to search Casarez’s home. It’s an unprecedented move that may have prevented Casarez from carrying out serious crimes, the sheriff’s office said. Casarez has been identified by the sheriff’s office as the leader of a neo-nazi hate group called the “Bowl Patrol.” (…) Earlier this month the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office served Casarez a gun violence restraining order along with a search warrant for an Orangevale residence related to him. “He was putting some anti, we’ll say some racist rhetoric on an assumed Facebook page that was not under his actual name. It was under the name Vic Mackey,” Nelson said. Investigators believe Casarez uses the pseudonym Vic Mackey online. (…) Officers discovered several items inside the Casarez residence including a black gun case with two empty magazines, and a semi-automatic pistol. “Whatever firearm they seized inside that house was his,” Nelson said. They also found a skull and crossbones t-shirt with a bowl cut hairstyle printed on the front. The Southern Poverty Law Center says the bowl cut hairstyle photoshopped into pictures is meant to convey a sense of approval for the actions carried out by the now-convicted mass murderer Dylann Roof. Roof’s bowl-style haircut is the inspiration for the name “Bowl Patrol,” a group experts say is extremely dangerous.

via cbslocal: Handgun Seized From Orangevale Home Of Alleged Neo-Nazi Group Leader Andrew Casarez