The Twitter account of the far-right student organisation Schild en Vrienden was suspended, along with those of nearly 70 similar organisations and individuals. In a statement to NBC News, the network said it did so in response to these accounts of white nationalists because they “violated the policy on violent extremism. (…) Schild & Vrienden’s account has been suspended because it violates the rules of the social network, which stipulate that users may not threaten or promote terrorism or violent extremism. It is not yet known which tweets posted by the extreme right-wing organization were the basis for the account suspension. The other suspended accounts are also part of the so-called “identitarian movement” in Europe. These include that of Austrian Martin Sellner, leader of the Identitären Bewegung Österreich (IBÖ). Sellner’s Facebook and Instagram accounts had already suffered a similar fate previously.

via brusselstime: Belgian far-right Schild & Vrienden suspended from Twitter