The Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reports weekly on the methods used by extremists to exploit the Internet and social media platforms to recruit followers and incite violence. This week, CEP finds that Amazon continues to sell notorious neo-Nazi books, including The Turner Diaries, despite a company policy statement that it would halt the sales of several neo-Nazi and white supremacist books. Additionally, white supremacist accelerationist Telegram channels continue to encourage violence in Virginia in response to legislature’s proposed assault weapon ban. Also, CEP researchers located a website and social media accounts for a new extreme right group, Revolt Through Tradition (RTT). A pro-ISIS account urged ISIS supporters to end their use of the application TamTam and instead utilize alternate options such as Telegram, Riot and RocketChat. Also, the neo-Nazi group, Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), announced on their Telegram channel that the group was disbanding. Finally, CEP researchers found a pro-ISIS blog on the Blogspot platform. Amazon Continues Selling Notorious Neo-Nazi Books Amazon continues to sell the notorious neo-Nazi book The Turner Diaries. A February 9 New York Times article about the multi-billion dollar company “quietly canceling its Nazis” stated that Amazon was halting sales of several neo-Nazi and white supremacist books, however there are numerous examples on Amazon of egregious works that encourage violence.
The Turner Diaries describes a white supremacist revolution in the U.S. and eventual genocide. The book has helped inspire several terrorists and extremists, including Timothy McVeigh, who perpetrated the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and Anders Breivik, who murdered 77 people in two terror attacks in Norway on July 22, 2011. “Amazon recently stated its commitment to end the sales of a select few neo-Nazi and white supremacist books on its platform, but they continue to allow books like The Turner Diaries to be sold in multiple languages despite its notorious reputation for helping to inspire extremists in North America and Europe to commit acts of violence,” said CEP Researcher Joshua Fisher-Birch. “CEP has noted for months that physical copies of the book have been sold by third party sellers, and this week we located copies of the book sold directly via Amazon and available with shipping through Amazon Prime. If Amazon is truly committed to halting sales of violent racist, anti-Semitic, and neo-Nazi content, The Turner Diaries is a great place to start.” On February 13, The Turner Diaries was widely available on Amazon, including copies in English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. The Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese versions of the book were available with free shipping via Amazon Prime directly from the company. English and French versions of the sequel were also available on Amazon. The book is banned in Germany and Austria. In July 2019, YouTube removed audio copies of the book from its platform.

via counterextremism: Extremist Content Online: Amazon Continues To Profit From Sales Of Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist Content