White nationalist Elliott Kline jailed after he was accused of failing repeatedly to turn over records demanded by plaintiffs in civil lawsuit. An organizer of a 2017 white nationalist rally in the US state of Virginia has been released from jail after being held in civil contempt for failing to comply with court orders in a federal lawsuit, but a judge said he could face criminal contempt charges. Elliott Kline was jailed Monday after US District Judge Norman Moon found he had repeatedly failed to turn over records requested by plaintiffs in the lawsuit against him and other participants in the rally. On Wednesday, Moon ordered Kline to be released, but also said he would consider whether Kline should be referred to the US Attorney’s Office for potential criminal contempt charges “as a result of his contemptuous conduct to date.” Kline served as leader of a white nationalist group called Identity Evropa, which was known for its campaigns to post white supremacist propaganda on college campuses. Kline stepped back from a public role in the white nationalist movement after The New York Times investigated and debunked his claims about his military service. A lawsuit funded by the nonprofit Integrity First for America was brought by Virginia residents who were injured during two days of violence in August 2017. It accuses the white nationalists of violating civil rights laws and seeks a court order prohibiting further violations as well as financial judgments.

via timesofisrael: Charlottesville rally organizer released, but may face criminal contempt charges