Andrew Dymock allegedly promoted neo-Nazi group, Sonnenkrieg Division. Appearing at the Old Bailey yesterday he had his curfew restrictions tweaked. Now allowed in garden of his family home in Bath, where he has 20-hour curfew. A suspected neo-Nazi accused of posting extreme racist and anti-Semitic material has had his bail conditions changed so that he can enjoy sitting in the garden. Appearing at the Old Bailey yesterday, Andrew Dymock was told his curfew restrictions had been tweaked so he can pop into the garden at his family home in Bath, Somerset. (…) The former politics student from Bath has denied twelve terrorism offences. He is alleged to be part of a neo-Nazi group, Sonnenkrieg Division, a UK branch of American group Atomwaffen Division. The organisations are inspired by American Nazi James Mason, whose book, Siege, Dymock is accused of posting online. A Twitter account allegedly run by Dymock also published quotes from Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels, and posted: ‘The Fascist State shall be achieved through blood and black printer ink.’ (…) A pre-trial preparation hearing has been set for April 20 this year [SIC!], with his trial following on July 6.

via dailymail: ‘Neo-Nazi’, 22, accused of making extreme racist and anti-Semitic online posts gets bail conditions changed so he can enjoy sitting in his garden