Calls to violence and hatred, often featuring coded language like using the term ‘Zionists’, have been amplified by algorithms. Meta will remove content targeting Zionists when used to refer to Jews and Israelis and not the political movement, the social media conglomerate’s Policy Forum announced on Tuesday. The parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and Threads, will remove posts and comments about Zionists that use antisemitic stereotypes, threatens harm through intimidation, or violence against Jews or Israelis under the guise of attacking Zionists. Examples of content violating community standards may include claims about Zionists controlling the world or media, dehumanizing comparisons to animals, and denial of existence. Previously Meta had treated the use of the term “Zionist” as a hate speech violation more narrowly when context made it clear that Jews or Israelis were the target, or when antisemitic imagery was used.

via jpost: Meta to remove posts targeting ‘Zionists’ when aiming at Jews, Israelis

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