This is the shocking moment Warwick University Tory students allegedly dance to a Nazi song at an annual black-tie dinner.  During Warwick University Conservative Association’s (UWCA) ‘chairman’s dinner’ last month, a member reportedly asked the DJ to play Erika, which was composed by a troop leader in the Nazi Party’s paramilitary wing called Herms Niel in 1938. The song has since been reclaimed by white supremacists like Thomas Sewell, the founder of the National Socialist Network, who has connections to the Christchurch mosque attacker. Footage of the dinner shows students dancing and laughing along to the song until one member tells the cameraperson to stop filming. Members of the association allegedly went on to shout ‘Kill the Hughs’ – seemingly replacing the word Jews with the first name of their former chairman Hugh Herring – as well as saying ‘Heil the chairman’, according to the Times.

via daily mail: Shocking moment Warwick University Tory students ‘dance to Nazi song Erika’ at annual black-tie dinner

siehe auch: Warwick University Tory students filmed dancing to sick Nazi anthem at posh bash Footage from a black tie event hosted by the Warwick University Conservative Association’s (UWCA) shows revellers dancing to Erika, a 1938 song beloved by white supremacists. A Tory student association has apologised after sickening footage showed revellers dancing to a Nazi anthem at one of its events. The recording was taken at a black-tie dinner hosted by the Warwick University Conservative Association’s (UWCA). Attendees were filmed dancing to Erika, a song which has been adopted by white supremacists. The song was composed in 1938 by Herms Neil, senior trooper in the Nazi paramilitary wing, the Sturmabteilung (SA). According to The Times, people present chanted ‘Kill the Hughs’ – replacing the word ‘Jews’ to reference a former chairman. They are also claimed to have said “Heil the chairman”. A voice was heard shouting “don’t film” after noticing it was being recorded. The association, which removed its website and Twitter /X page, says it will bar the person who requested the song from future events. It said it “wholeheartedly condemns” the behaviour and apologised “for any offence that has been caused”.