Once hidden in the shadows of the lunatic fringe, suddenly extreme far-right groups feel emboldened to repeat the messages last seen in the era of fascist dictators. Guy Walters looks at the terrifying displays across Europe, reminiscent of one of the darkest periods in our history. At first glance, it is indistinguishable from a Hitler Youth poster. The boy must be around eight years old, his hair strikingly blonde, his eyes cornflower blue. He looks intensely and innocently at the viewer, while behind him stretches an idealised pastoral landscape. The poster is emblazoned with a slogan, in French, which reads: “Let’s give white children a future”. The sentiment is of course exceptionally racist, and it comes as no surprise to learn that the poster promotes the far-right Party of France in this first round of voting in its parliamentary election.

via independent: Nazism is now hiding in plain sight – from posters to football chants and political slogans

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