Investigators are shocked after they claim a man was selling ghost gun parts on a white supremacist chat room from his prison cell. NBC New York’s Melissa Colorado reports.  In what was a stunning gun bust, the Manhattan district attorney said a neo-Nazi prisoner allegedly sold ghost guns and parts from behind bars — only getting caught after one of his customers was an undercover NYPD officer. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said the white supremacist went online and sold ghost gun parts, unknowingly to the undercover officer, all while he was locked up in a federal prison a thousand miles away in Louisiana. “We see this sad and tragic combination far too often. The intersection of gun violence and gun trafficking and hate and extremism,” said Bragg. An encrypted messaging app that had once been used by a racist mass shooter who killed 10 people (all African-American) at a Buffalo grocery store led investigators to the man who was selling the ghost gun parts from his prison cell. “Things that are happening in chatrooms today can be in our streets tomorrow,” said Bragg. Police said 24-year-old Hayden Espinosa was a moderator of a white supremacist channel that featured “vile rhetoric, neo-Nazi iconography,” according to Rebecca Weiner, the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Counterterrorism. Espinosa was advertising and selling 3-D printed ghost gun parts through cellphones smuggled into prison, prosecutors allege. His operation came crashing down, investigators said, when he sold gun parts to an undercover NYPD officer

via nbcnewyork: Neo-Nazi prisoner allegedly sold ghost guns and parts while in prison, prosecutors say

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