Jaromír Lukeš (in the middle), sentenced to 22 years in prison for the racially-motivated arson attack on a Romani family in Vítkov, Czech Republic in 2009, appearing in court in Karviná on 28 May 2024. (PHOTO: ČTK / Ožana Jaroslav) The District Court in Karviná, Czech Republic has held a hearing on the request for the early release of Jaromír Lukeš, one of two men sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the arson attack committed against a Romani family in Vítkov in 2009. Before the court decides on his request, it will commission a psychological assessment of the convict. While the deadline for the assessment is not yet known, it should be performed within the next three months. Of the four men convicted of the attack on the Romani family, two have been granted early release under certain conditions. Lukeš and accomplice David Vaculík still remain behind bars. Lukeš expressed regret for his actions during the hearing. Representatives of the prison and the probation and mediation service have supported his request for early release. Allegedly, the convict’s resocialization is possible.

via romea: Czech court commissions psychological assessment of 2009 neo-Nazi arsonist requesting early release