A number of far-right influencers, including Tim Pool and Steven Crowder, posted images of the wrong man while trying to refute claims the shooter was a white supremacist. Fox News, Newsmax, and Univision, along with a host of far-right podcasters and social-media influencers, were sued last month for wrongly identifying a man as the neo-Nazi shooter who killed eight people last year in Texas. Mauricio Garcia, a 36-year-old man from Texas, suddenly saw a picture of him plastered online and during news broadcasts last May after a man with the same name went on a shooting spree in an Allen outlet mall. Garcia is now suing the outlets and individuals who shared his photo and falsely linked him to the deadly shooting. In addition to the cable and broadcast networks named in the complaint, filed late last month in Travis County, Garcia is also suing right-wing podcast hosts Steven Crowder and Tim Pool, Infowars host Owen Shroyer, political media gadfly Simon Ateba, and celebrity blog Hollywood Unlocked. HuffPost first reported the lawsuit on Friday. “In their haste to cash in on the eagerness of viewers and readers to learn the identity of the May 6, 2023 mass shooter at the outlet mall in Allen, Texas, several media organizations recklessly disregarded basic journalistic safeguards and published the photo of an innocent man, branding him as a neo-Nazi murderer to his local community and the nation at large,” the lawsuit alleges.

vi daily beast: Fox News, Newsmax Sued for Falsely Linking Man to Neo-Nazi Killer