Elon Musk had to sit for a deposition in March in a defamation lawsuit filed by a Jewish man he accused of being involved in a neo-Nazi brawl, and he fought hard to keep the deposition private. Unfortunately for Musk, he lost that legal battle and the entire transcript has been released, as reported by The Huffington Post. The dispute arose from tweets Musk wrote in June 2023 that amplified an online conspiracy theory accusing a 22-year-old California man named Ben Brody of not only participating in a brawl in Oregon City, Oregon between the Rose City Nationalists, a neo-Nazi group, and the Proud Boys, but also of being an undercover federal agent participating in the brawl as part of a false flag operation. Several of the neofascist brawlers were caught on camera with their masks off, leading to the inaccurate identification of Brody as one of them. His name and personal information quickly spread online, with conspiracy theorists digging up social media posts from Brody’s fraternity where it was said that he was majoring in political science and “plans to work for the government” after graduation. The accusation was farfetched on its face, and all the more so when Brody pointed out he was not only Jewish and therefore unlikely to find common ground among neo-Nazis, he was in an entirely different state, hundreds of miles away, when the brawl took place. But online conspiracies are tough fires to extinguish — especially when the Chief Twit promotes them to his (at the time) nearly 150 million followers.

via mediaite: Elon Musk’s Deposition in Defamation Case From Jewish Man He Falsely Labeled a Nazi Released in FULL

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