Four were jailed nearly a decade after the deaths following new investigations Sinister ‘tax service employee’ accused of drawing partner into Satanism. Four ‘neo-Nazi Satanists’ accused of luring a woman to her death as a human sacrifice and then ‘roasting’ and eating another her have been jailed in Russia. Andrey Tregubenko, 36, was found to have invited Victoria Zaitseva, 27, on a trip to Karelia, near the Finnish border, in June 2016, where the victim was ambushed by Tregubenko and his girlfriend, Olga Bolsakova, 36, in a forest. Zaitseva, who is understood to have been in love with Tregubenko, died after she was stabbed multiple times with a knife. She was then thrown into a pre-dug hole, covered with brushwood and set alight. In August, the couple met Alexander Perevozchikov-Khmury and Tatyana Deryugina, also sentenced Tuesday, who agreed to commit another ‘sacrifice’ with them. Platon Stepanov, known as Wilhelm Torquemada, 27, was named locally as the man drawn into a forest in the Leningrad region after being groomed by Bolshakova, with whom he shared an interest in black magic and Satanism. Stepanov was then beaten severely and stabbed to death, as reported by state-owned agency RIA. The killers would later confess to slicing off his flesh and ribs – and roasting and eating the human meat. The body was, again, hidden in a hole and ‘burned at the stake’. In the third such killing, also in August 2016, Tregubenko stabbed to death aquaintance while drunk during an argument. The group then retired to a nearby apartment where they performed a ritualistic ceremony with the victim’s blood before disposing of the knife in a pond. After three years of intensive investigation, the Moscow Regional Court sentenced the gang to varying terms in prison for their involvement in the killings. The gang were each sentenced from 13 years to life in prison for their involvement in the cases, which evaded police for nearly a decade. ‘The court sentenced Tregubenko to life imprisonment. Perevozchikov-Khmury was sentenced to 15 years in prison, Tatyana Deryugina was sentenced to 13 years in prison,’ the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation said in a statement. Bolshakova was previously sentenced by the court to a long term of imprisonment,’ it went on.

via dailymail: ‘Neo-Nazi Satanist cannibals’ who lured woman to her death as a human sacrifice then ‘roasted and ate another victim’s flesh and ribs’ are jailed in Russia