Explosive Ukrainian drones have taken out Russian combat robots close to the Moscow-controlled strategic eastern city of Avdiivka, new footage appears to show, with smaller ground drones likely to have a more prominent role in future fighting. Russian forces have started using ground-based robots with automatic grenade launchers in combat in Ukraine, Kyiv’s 47th Mechanized Brigade said in a post to social media on Saturday. Ukraine used first-person-view drones to take out two of the combat robots close to Avdiivka, a hotspot of fighting in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, the brigade said. Moscow captured Avdiivka in mid-February, and clashes have since raged on west of the settlement. In a brief video published on messaging app Telegram by the brigade, what appears to be at least one Russian uncrewed ground vehicle (UGV) is targeted by drone specialists belonging to the brigade

via newsweek: Russia’s New Combat Robots Blown Up by Drones Near Avdiivka: Video

siehe auch: Russia’s First-Ever Robotic Ground Assault Ended Badly … For The Robots .Ukrainian forces knocked out at least two armed Russian ground drones. The air might be the perfect medium for a drone. The sea, a close second. After all, avoiding obstacles is one of hardest tasks for the distant operator of some remote-controlled robot. There aren’t a lot of obstacles on the water. Even fewer in the air. Obstacles abound on the ground, however. Which is why, 25 months into Russia’s wider war on Ukraine, both sides deploy lots of aerial drones and the Ukrainians deploy lots of sea drones—but neither side deploys many ground drones. Not for actual combat, at least. Both the Ukrainians and Russians do use small ground robots for resupply, casualty-evacuation and mine-laying. That combat exception ended somewhere around the ruins of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine, when the Russian army sent at least two—and possibly many more—small, tracked, grenade-launcher-armed unmanned ground vehicles on what appears to have been a direct assault on the Ukrainian 53rd Mechanized Brigade. It didn’t end well for the robots. A capture from a Ukrainian aerial drone, circulated by Telegram channel @stanislav_osman, depicts two of the diminutive UGVs—one with the number “6” on its flank—lying apparently damaged amid the ruins of destroyed manned vehicles.

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