A foundation that sought to mainstream racist pseudoscience and pro-segregationist viewpoints established a publishing house that produced and promoted literature encouraging neo-Nazi terrorism, Hatewatch found. Hatewatch reviewed a cache of letters from 2001-03 between James Mason, a prominent neo-Nazi writer and advocate for revolutionary racial violence, and two white supremacist activists affiliated with the Foundation for Human Understanding (FHU), a Georgia-based nonprofit founded by proponents of racist pseudoscience in 1973. The letters reveal that FHU owned a neo-Nazi publishing house called Black Sun Publications, which released a second edition of Mason’s terroristic magnum opus, Siege, in 2003 and rescued the book from obscurity. Greg Johnson and Ryan Schuster, the two activists, detailed their plans to use FHU and Black Sun to promote other works of Mason and those of a World War II-era Nazi spy and esotericist named Savitri Devi for a younger generation of extremists. The communications are part of a larger collection of Mason’s personal papers at the University of Kansas. Hatewatch found that Johnson, now the editor-in-chief of the white nationalist website Counter-Currents, and Schuster repeatedly praised Mason and his terroristic worldview throughout their correspondence. In the forward that Schuster wrote for Black Sun’s 2003 edition, he described Siege as “a cookbook and guide.” In the same section, he encouraged others to “act in a manner commensurate to Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City fame,” referring to the 1995 bombing of a federal building that left 168 people, 19 of whom were children, dead.