On Thursday Tres Genco was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison followed by five years on post-prison supervision for his 2020 plot to “slaughter” women at an Ohio university. According to court documents, Genco wrote in his manifesto that his goal was, “the death of what I have been deprived of most, but also cherished and fantasize at the opportunity of having but has been neglected of; Women. I will slaughter out of hatred, jealousy, and revenge.” In October 2022 he pleaded guilty to one count of attempting to commit a hate crime, which came with a sentence of up to life in prison because it involved an attempt to kill. He previously served a 17-month sentence for state charges of making a terrorist threat. Genco is the first misogynist incel to be charged under federal hate crime statutes, setting a new precedent for gender-based hate crimes. Male supremacy is a hateful ideology rooted in the belief of the supposed innate superiority of men and their right to subjugate women, trans men and non-binary people. The term incel is a shorthand for “involuntary celibate,” a term that was originally coined to refer to anyone who had trouble finding fulfilling romantic and sexual relationships. Misogynist incels appropriated the term to suit their specific worldview, that they are entitled to sex with attractive women, but society has denied them this right. Despite their fixation on sex, misogynist incels are more focused on their hatred for women and fantasies of violent control than they are in forming meaningful romantic or sexual relationships. This community glorifies adherents who go on to commit mass killings, particularly Elliot Rodger, whose 2014 attack became known as the first incel attack. Rodger’s 140-page manifesto and dozens of YouTube videos helped formalize the misogynist worldview and identity. Even a decade later, misogynist incels celebrate him as the “patron saint” of their movement. Since his attack, more than 100 people have been killed or injured in the name of this extremist ideology and experts have documented at least 34 incidents of incel violence and plots, including terrorist attacks, murder, bombing plots, harassment and assault.