A routine traffic stop resulted in the discovery of an assortment of weaponry. The Florida Highway Patrol pulled over a man on Feb. 16 who was following a dump truck too closely on the interstate. After searching his vehicle, they arrested Ronald Lee Murray Jr. after discovering a cache of weapons, guns and swastikas. Murray, 42, of Cypress, Texas, was also charged with driving while his license was suspended or revoked. Police reported that Murray possessed a long hunting knife, multiple pistols, a black bomber-style jacket with a red swastika patch on the left sleeve, red swastika armbands and a small metallic swastika. Also found was a swastika patch with the phrases, “Our race is our nation” and “Our folk is our faith.” In 2022, The Houston Press described Murray as a “prominent Houston neo-Nazi” and identified him as participating in a demonstration against a church event supporting LGBTQ individuals. At the protest, he held a sign that read “LGBT is Talmud Jew S***. 6 Genders? … LOL.”

via jns: Florida police pull over felon transporting Nazi paraphernalia, guns