The gas station’s private gym is also a hub for neo-Nazi groups training for a race war. By Molly Sprayregen Saturday, December 23, 2023 Photo: Screenshot The Lewis Country Store in Nashville, Tennessee has recently been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a hub for neo-Nazi groups training to prepare for a race war. And a new homophobic, antisemitic sign is making it clear the owner does not care about backlash. Trans activist Alejandra Caraballo recently posted footage of the digital sign displayed under the price of gas. “Oh no!” it reads. “The child molesting fa***ts and Jews at the Nashville Scene don’t like us!” The Nashville Scene is a local paper. The post on X, formerly Twitter, has since been deleted. Store owner Brad Lewis reportedly described himself on Telegram as “an actual literal Nazi” in response to the SPLC’s report that he has been lending use of the store’s private gym to members of the Tennessee Active Club, which is part of a network of white supremacist groups training to fight the minorities they believe are replacing them.

via lgbtqnation: Gas station run by self-described “literal nazi” displays sign calling gay people pedophiles

siehe dazu auch: NOTORIOUS NASHVILLE STORE HOSTS WHITE NATIONALIST FIGHT CLUBS White nationalist groups are using a private gym above a store in Nashville, Tennessee, to network and train for hand-to-hand combat, a Hatewatch investigation reveals. The private gym is located above Lewis Country Store – a gas station, convenience store and restaurant known locally for displaying hateful anti-LBGTQ+ and misogynistic signage. A message posted May 21 on a Telegram channel run by Tennessee Active Club, a white nationalist hate group, led Hatewatch to photographs of the property on a real estate listing website. Those images were matched to a propaganda video and photographs the group posted online. The photographs and video appear to show the same gym. Brad Lewis owns the store and appears to be a cook at the restaurant, according to photographs of him making food for customers posted to Google Photos. Lewis’ store now appears to be an important hub in the local white nationalist movement. Hatewatch contacted Lewis through email to ask about the private gym and his relationship with the Tennessee Active Club. Lewis responded in an email laced with profane language and an anti-LGBTQ+ slur. “You and the SPLC can go fuck yourselves,” Lewis said. “What I do with my life and my business is none of your fucking meddling business.” Later the Lewis Country Store posted a photograph of the group giving the Hitler salute outside Lewis Country Store with “Fuck the SPLC!!!” as the caption.