Handcuffed and dazed, she struggles to exit the trunk of the Jeep. She’s barefoot and limping. She’s bleeding near her temple. Her ankle is cut. Her grey sweatpants are bloodied. At gunpoint, she is dragged by her long brown hair into the vehicle. A crowd looks on. The car speeds off. That is the last time, captured in a video taken on Oct. 7, that Naama Levy, 19, was seen alive. She is among 17 female hostages aged 18 to 26 still held by Hamas somewhere in Gaza. Their families fear the worst. “Time is running out for Naama,” said Levy’s mother Ayelet Levy Shachar. “Time is running out for the vulnerable young women being held hostage at the hands of those who torture and abuse them.”  Shachar was referring to the mounting evidence of rape, sexual violence and mutilation of women and men during the Hamas attacks in southern Israel on Oct. 7. But sexual assault appears not to have been confined to Oct. 7. Two Israeli doctors, who have been treating released hostages, and an Israeli military official familiar with the matter confirmed to USA TODAY that some released hostages revealed they suffered violent sexual assaults in captivity. All three spoke on the condition of anonymity. One of the doctors assessed that “many” of the released Israeli female hostages aged 12 to 48 − there are about 30 of them − were sexually assaulted while held by Hamas in Gaza. (…) The official said that “we know” that the remaining female hostages are being kept in “very bad mental and physical conditions.” The official said the hostages are being beaten, don’t have access to enough food, water and medicines, and are held in southern Gaza, where they are transferred from house to house, sometimes over the ground and sometimes through tunnels, to avoid detection. (…) Five volunteers and first responders who collected and helped identify the bodies of those killed during the attacks on Oct. 7 said they observed multiple signs of obvious and incontestable sexual assault. This included women naked from the waist down, with their legs splayed or underwear torn. USA TODAY was shown photographs and video that appeared to corroborate these assertions, which have been backed up by forensic pathologists. “We went from house to house and never knew what were going to find,” said Nachman Dickstein, a volunteer for ZAKA, a search and rescue group that works close with Israel’s military and government. Israeli medical professionals and morgue workers said many women who died on Oct. 7 were found with broken legs and pelvic bones. They said that the severity of the mutilations they examined were such that it was not always possible to distinguish female from male victims. At least one survivor of the attack who was at the Supernova music festival on Oct. 7 near Gaza has told Israel police that she witnessed a gang rape.

via usa today: ‘We know they were raped in Hamas captivity’: Chilling details of what hostages faced

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By Dashcam footage: No human authorship – <a rel=”nofollow” class=”external free” href=”https://www.nbcnews.com/video/dashcam-video-shows-hamas-gunmen-toss-grenade-into-bomb-shelter-194790469769″>https://www.nbcnews.com/video/dashcam-video-shows-hamas-gunmen-toss-grenade-into-bomb-shelter-194790469769</a>, Public Domain, Link