Monterey’s city council meeting took an unexpected turn Tuesday night after multiple white supremacist remarks were made by anonymous callers during public comment, delaying the review of a state-mandated housing plan The city was unable to post the meeting to its Youtube channel as normal due to the language and the video will be posted on its website with edits. The city tells KSBW 8 they will provide the full meeting upon request. During the public comment period for the city’s state-required housing plan, an anonymous caller went on an antisemitic and racist tirade that was unrelated to the agenda item. The anonymous caller was able to finish their remarks. Afterwards, multiple, back-to-back hateful, explicit calls, Mayor Tyller Williamson interrupted the caller. “I appreciate you providing public comment. We do have agenda item. Do you have a comment related to the item on the agenda?” he said. The caller then went on to spout hateful comments towards Jewish and Black communities. “I’d have to say that was some of the most disturbing comments I’ve ever heard. And I’ve been in a lot of council meetings and planning commission meetings. And Mayor, I wish you had brought them into order immediately,” one person said during public comment.

via ksbw: Anonymous white supremacists derailed Monterey’s city council meeting