A neo-Nazi group has gone on an interstate recruiting tour, targeting LBTQ-friendly events in Ohio, and is threatening to hold a rally in Florida this month. But it’s in Maine, where the group’s leader is trying to build a headquarters, that the organization is causing the most trouble. The neo-Nazi group “Blood Tribe” has spent 2023 seeking attention from other members of the white supremacist movement. Wearing bright red shirts and black ski masks, the group has agitated at anti-LGBT rallies, and encouraged other far-right groups to more fully embrace Nazi symbols and militant tactics. The group’s next anticipated stunt is a swastika flag march at an unannounced location and date in Florida this month, alongside another white supremacist group that previously harassed residents of Jacksonville, a city still reeling from a different white supremacist’s mass shooting at a Dollar General in August. Despite their far-flung recruiting efforts, it’s in Maine that Blood Tribe and its leader Christopher Pohlhaus are trying to establish themselves. In the sparsely populated town of Springfield, Blood Tribe is buying up land, trying to establish a white supremacist hub—and getting its supporters banned from Airbnb in the process.

via daily beast: The group “Blood Tribe” is vying for national attention with a swastika march in Florida

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