Neo-Nazi Ashley Podsiad-Sharp worked at Leeds men’s prison HMP Armley until his arrest last year. A neo-Nazi former prison officer who ran a fascist fitness club has been sentenced to eight years in prison for possessing a terrorist handbook. Ashley Podsiad-Sharp, 42, from Barnsley was convicted at Sheffield crown court of possessing a white supremacist “murder manual” on an encrypted hard drive. Podsiad-Sharp, who worked at the Leeds men’s prison HMP Armley until his arrest in May last year, was described as an “extremely dangerous” man who was likely to have eventually committed terrorist acts or incited others to do so. Counter-terrorism police found he possessed a document called the White Resistance Manual, which contained advice on how to kill people in a race war and how to avoid detection by police. Calling himself “Sarge”, Podsiad-Sharp also ran White Stag Athletics Club, which was described by judge Jeremy Richardson KC as “a cauldron of self-absorbed neo-Nazism masquerading as a low-grade, all-male sports club”. It was used to “camouflage your real purpose, to incite violence against those you hated”. New members were asked if they were homosexual, mixed race or had Jewish or Muslim heritage as part of the vetting process for joining the white supremacist group, which Richardson said was for “inciting hatred” and “encouraging acts of violence” among the “ignorant and disillusioned men”.

via guardian: Ex-prison officer jailed for possessing white supremacist ‘murder manual’

siehe auch: Ashley Sharp: Racist and homophobic Leeds prison officer who ran far-right fitness club jailed for eight years The 42-year-old was found guilty of possession of a document likely to be useful to a terrorist. An “extremely dangerous” prison officer who ran a far-right fitness club has been jailed for eight years for possessing of a “murder manual” for white supremacists. Ashley Sharp set up the White Stag Athletic Club to create a “brotherhood” and train others to be soldiers for the racist cause, Sheffield Crown Court heard. The 42-year-old father-of-two from Barnsley was fired from his job with the Prison Service following his arrest and was working as a truck driver before being found guilty of possession of a document likely to be useful to a terrorist – a copy of the 200-page White Resistance Manual. Prosecutor Denise Breen-Lawton said said the document contained “numerous ways to commit terrorist attacks,” including information on how to kill people, use different weapons, build bombs and evade the police. Judge Jeremy Richardson KC jailed Sharp for eight years, with an extended sentence of five years, on Thursday, and said he would send his sentencing remarks to Justice Secretary Alex Chalk, who is responsible for prisons.