A reputed neo-Nazi from Gloversville who boasted about having “nothing but a gun and a dream” pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court on Thursday for his role in a conspiracy to rob a Johnstown bank. Luke T. Kenna, 44, took lengthy pauses and appeared to cry in court while admitting to two federal crimes: conspiring to rob the Community National Bank on Jan. 6, and possessing a weapon as a prohibited person under a September 2019 misdemeanor assault conviction in Amsterdam City Court where the victim was his wife. Kenna later had a rifle he used for hunting and posted it on the Telegram social media site in early November. And then, when police in Gloversville stopped Kenna in his 2003 Chrysler on Nov. 26, they found him wearing body armor and carrying a a loaded 9mm “ghost gun” and 10-round magazine. (…) In a group chat between the trio on Nov. 18, Kenna flaunted antisemitic rhetoric in discussing the alleged bank robbery. “Looks like we’re getting this paper Jew money while it lasts. Just in time to invest into bigger and better things,” Kenna stated, according to the affidavit. The trooper said the messages showed a “white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi ideology may have played a role in the intent to conspire to commit the bank robbery.” Court papers show that on Nov. 26, surveillance of Kenna showed him leaving his home dressed in all black with a black backpack and sunglasses. When a Gloversville police officer stopped Kenna’s vehicle that night, the office noticed Kenna’s car carried the officer’s radio communications, The officer spotted a large knife on the seat beside Kenna and that Kenna was wearing a ballistic vest. They found the ghost gun — a weapon with serial numbers removed — in a holster on Kenna’s waist.

via timesunion: Alleged neo-Nazi from Gloversville admits bank plot