Amazon spent $14.2 million total on anti-union consulting in 2022, filings with the Department of Labor show. Amazon hired at least two union-busting consulting firms specifically to prevent its drivers from joining the International Brotherhood of Teamsters over the course of 2022, according to six reports filed to the Department of Labor and obtained by Motherboard. This is notable because Amazon claims that the drivers who deliver its packages are not its employees.  Motherboard reviewed five reports filed to the Department of Labor, which showed that Amazon spent more than $14.2 million total on anti-union consulting in 2022. Of that, $160,595 went to Optimal Employee Relations and Action Resources, who, on their own reports, specifically referred to “drivers” as the target group of their persuasion. Amazon and the contractors it hired are required to file these reports with the government each year. Amazon’s filing references nine contractors hired throughout 2022. Both Optimal Employee Relations and Action Resources say that one of the people “through whom activities were performed” was Fernando Rivera, who filed a report of their own. Rivera’s report again identifies “drivers” as the target group. It also cites “teamsters” as the union in question.  A third contractor referenced in Amazon’s filing, Government Resources Consultants of America, said that it had been hired to persuade “various employees across the U.S. as may be requested from time to time,” and did not specify a union. However, the filing refers to another consulting group, known as D&G Consulting, whose report filed in May names “Amazon DSP Drivers” as the target group, and “Teamsters” as the union.

via vice: Amazon Says It Doesn’t ‘Employ’ Drivers, But Records Show It Hired Firms to Prevent Them From Unionizing

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