Protest actions were recorded in the territory of the central district of Washington, in which citizens advocate the termination of assistance to the Kyiv regime. Information about this is distributed by RIA Novosti. Prior to the start of the “March of Fury Against the War Machine”, which is led by local libertarians, about 100 residents came out in order to express their point of view. They called for stopping support for Nazism on Ukrainian territory and carried Russian symbols. Among the slogans there are statements that it was the current head of state, Joseph Biden, who carried out the attacks on the Nord Stream. It is noted that the protesters demand to stop the monetary assistance of Kyiv and start the negotiation process. Another important demand is the termination of the work of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This action was supported by politician Ron Paul, who noted that representatives of various views stand side by side in order to oppose the US desire to unleash a Third World War.

via weeklyblkitz: Mass rally against “Nazi support for Ukraine” began in downtown