Anti-trans The Mandalorian actress Gina Carano launched into a bitter tirade against the “online mob” as she defended her most recent film, which was a major box office flop. The western thriller Terror on the Prairie only made $804 at the box office. Carano piped up after the failure was mentioned on social media by Richard Newby, an entertainment reporter for the likes of Vulture and the Hollywood Reporter, who said he’d “never stop laughing” over her fall from grace. “She didn’t just fumble the bag, she dumped it out, put it over her head and cut off her air supply,” he said in a tweet – referencing how Carano was all set to have her own Star Wars spin-off before it was cancelled over controversial comments she made that led to accusations of antisemitism and transphobia. In response to Newby’s tweet, Carano accused him of joining “an online mob of mostly anonymous accounts harassing” her.

via pink news: Disgraced actor Gina Carano denies ruining her own career with anti-trans jokes and Nazi comments

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