YouTube has removed a white supremacist channel, which offered neo-Nazis tips to avoid homeland security and how to promote far-right propaganda. White supremacist Robert Rundo, previously of Huntington Beach in California and now living in Eastern Europe, promoted his vile neo-Nazi messages on YouTube until it was removed on Friday, March 26. Convicted criminal Rundo and founder of the white supremacist Rise Above Movement (R.A.M), used the media2rise YouTube channel to radicalize new followers and promote his fashion website that worked as an income stream for the fascist group. The channel was removed after Newsweek informed Google, the company which owns YouTube, about Rundo’s content. One of the videos uploaded onto the channel included a July 1, 2020, clip that went into detail about avoiding no-fly lists and which routes to use to reach Europe without being sent back to the U.S. A spokesperson for Google told Newsweek: “We removed the channel flagged to us by Newsweek for violating our terms of service.
“We terminated the media2rise channel earlier this year for repeatedly violating our hate speech policy. Users who have previously seen their channel terminated are not permitted to start new channels, and if their content is reuploaded we may remove it or terminate the new channel.” In other videos, Rundo attempted to explain away his meetings with Eastern European neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups and his history of violent assaults. Other clips showed his associates offering advice to white nationalists about how to promote hate-filled messages locally via street art. Rundo shared photos on his 5,480 subscriber-strong Telegram channel where supporters have promoted the organization or far-right messages via graffiti tags

via newsweek: YouTube Removes White Supremacist Channel That Gave Tips on Avoiding Homeland Security