Zusammenrücken (Moving Together) was established in Germany in its online format in February 2020. It operates primarily as a Telegram channel and internet platform, calling the far-right faithful to relocate en-masse from western Germany to the southern states of the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) – which, post-unification, is referred to as central Germany. The logic for this relocation is simple: “A high proportion of foreigners in west Germany makes it biologically impossible to reach broad sections of the population – these regions are ultimately lost,” Michael Brück, a 31-year-old far-right activist, stated on Telegram Dr Floris Biskamp, lecturer at the University of Tübingen, who co-ordinates the university’s doctoral programme on Right-Wing Populist Social Policy and Exclusionary Solidarity told Byline Times: “The Telegram group is clearly a project of right-wing extremists and neo-Nazi activists. This becomes clear both from the biographies of those people involved as well as the language they use. “In principle, the strategy of settling in the east is not new. Since the reunification of 1989-90, neo-Nazi cadres from western Germany have repeatedly moved to eastern Germany because they hoped to have good mobilisation opportunities there. In fact, parts of the high prevalence of right-wing extremism in eastern Germany can be blamed on this western German colonialism.”

via bylinetimes: MOVING TOGETHER – The Colonisation of Eastern Germany by the Far Right