Corey Hurren posted about Event 201—a conspiracy that posits the COVID-19 pandemic was planned—shortly before storming the property the Prime Minister lives on with his family. The man who drove his truck through the gates of Rideau Hall—where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives with his family—and had an armed standoff with police was sentenced to six years today. Corey Hurren, a 46-year-old Canadian Armed Forces reservist, posted conspiracy content on social media shortly before ramming the gates. He pleaded guilty to seven firearms charges in February and mischief. When he was arrested, he was armed with three long guns, including a semi-automatic rifle, and had said that he was prepared to die during the standoff with police. Hurren said he was hoping to “speak” to Trudeau when he stormed the property. The prime minister nor his family were at Rideau Hall during the time of his attack. On social media, Hurren shared several posts that indicated his beliefs in conspiracies surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and one post that showed he harboured an interest in QAnon. Hurren seemed particularly interested in a conspiracy about Event 201, which attempts to prove the pandemic is the work of a group of elites for nefarious purposes. These conspiracies, paired with gun control legislation brought about by the Liberals, pushed Hurren to take action

via vice: Conspiracy Theorist Who Stormed Trudeau’s Property Sentenced to Six Years

siehe auch: Corey Hurren sentenced to 6 years in prison for breaching Rideau Hall gates while armed.. Hurren pleaded guilty to eight charges earlier last month. A judge has sentenced Corey Hurren — who stormed the gates of Rideau Hall last summer with loaded firearms and multiple rounds of ammunition — to six years in prison, minus a year served. Justice Robert Wadden delivered his decision this afternoon. Hurren, a 46-year-old Canadian Armed Forces reservist, pleaded guilty earlier this month to seven weapons-related charges, including possessing guns for “a purpose dangerous to the public peace.” He also pleaded guilty to one charge of mischief for wilfully causing $100,000 worth of damage to the Rideau Hall gate on July 2.

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