The arrest of Paul Nicholas Miller by FBI agents at his Fort Lauderdale home Tuesday morning on a pedestrian charge of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon seems a minor thing for the feds to make a point of announcing. Until, that is, it’s noted that the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was part of the arresting team, along with FBI agents and Fort Lauderdale police officers. Also, the Anti-Defamation League considers Paul Miller “a volatile white supremacist-accelerationist.” The 32-year-old Miller, convicted on drug manufacturing/distribution charges in 2007 and 2009 according to New Jersey records, is looking at a maximum of 10 years on the new charge. The indictment says the gun possession happened in 2018. Miller had been living in the 1300 block of Southwest Sixth Street. At his first appearance Wednesday, Miller told Magistrate Judge Lurana Snow he had enough money to hire his own attorney. Snow set the bond hearing for Friday morning to allow that attorney to represent Miller. (…) On Twitter, the Anti-Defamation League said, “Several months ago, ADL’s Center on Extremism identified Paul Miller as a volatile white supremacist-accelerationist. COE tracked him to Fort Lauderdale and shared significant intelligence with federal law enforcement” before the arrest.Miller is on Telegram as GypsyCrusader, a self-described “investigative journalist” with “News for Patriots Christians and God loving Americans.” His 42,300 followers get videos of Miller dressed as one of the Mario Bros. of video game fame, the comic book villain The Joker, various posts with swastikas and racial slurs against Black men and women and Jewish men and women.

via miamiherald: The FBI has arrested a white supremacist in Fort Lauderdale. Here’s the charge

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The 32-year-old livestreamer, whose videos showed him using racial slurs and sometimes with a gun, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm
. The FBI arrested a Fort Lauderdale man on Tuesday, March 2, and took him into custody without incident. The 32-year-old man, identified as Paul N Miller aka ‘The Gypsy Crusader’, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm. That he was known for his possible ties with the Proud Boys was an eyebrow-raiser when the Feds locked him up. The Daily Dot labeled Miller as a “notorious white supremacist livestreamer”; FBI Seizes White Supremacist Who Trolled Jews and Blacks Online Dressed as Batman Villain. White supremacist Paul Miller trolled social media channels dressed as Batman villains. Photo: courtesy of ADL. FBI agents have arrested a Florida-based white supremacist who openly boasted of his desire to “gas” Jews and promoted ugly stereotypes of Black people on social media. Federal agents swooped on a residence in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday where they took 32-year-old Paul Miller — a New Jersey native described by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a “volatile white supremacist-accelerationist” — into custody. According to the ADL, Miller told several users: “Riddle me this before you go. I’m loud and obnoxious. I like music that rhythms. I’m a fraction of the population but commit half the crimes. What am I? I’m a [racial slur].” In another video, Miller claimed to be amassing an “army” and threatened to “gas Jews.”