If you thought that gold Trump statues, refusals to wear a mask in the middle of a global pandemic and doubling down on the debunked voter fraud claims that led to a deadly insurrection were about as peak CPAC as we were going to get, hold up because there’s an astonishing one-minute video here to say “hold my drink”. The clip was apparently part of a video package shown at the Conservative pro-Trump conference on Friday. It shows Japanese political scientist and “Samurai Futurologist” Gemki Fujii (sometimes transcribed as “Genki Fujii”) waxing lyrical about the former president. CPAC itself has promoted Fujii’s support of Trump, tweeting on Thursday about his appearance and referring to him as “the last samurai”, directing attendees to visit his booth to hear Fujii’s “view on threat of Chinese communism”. Vox journalist Aaron Rupar then tweeted the video that was shown during the conference, in which Fujii says: “I respect President Trump and American conservatives. President Trump fought against Chinese communists in order to protect the entire free world. President Trump is a real American samurai.” He goes on to reference “cancel culture” and suggest there could be a “samurai to samurai alliance” between Japan and the US. It seems unlikely that he’s referring to President Biden here as the American samurai in the analogy, making the whole thing even more bizarre given Trump isn’t really in much of a position to improve international relations now that he’s no longer president.

via indy100: Bizarre video claiming Trump is the ‘real American samurai’ leaves people baffled after it was shown at CPAC

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