Sporting swastika tattoos, an apparent Nazi got his comeuppance when he stepped in the cage during a Fight Nights Global event. Fight Nights Global, recently rebranded to AMC Fight Nights, is one of the better MMA promotions to come from Russia. However they recently had a fight that saw an apparent Nazi getting beat up, something we can all appreciate on some level. The man in question is Mikhail “The Pitbull” Turkanov. This lovely gentlemen, with the most unique nickname in MMA, was making his debut under the AMC Fight Nights banner, with a record of 8-5. Standing opposite him was Allbeg Rasulov, an undefeated welterweight looking to put his 10-0 record on the line in his promotional debut. It is safe to assume that a good portion of people watching this fight were rooting for him, too. The reason for this being the concerning swastika tattoos that Turkanov is sporting on his arm and chest. While this, in itself, does not always represent someone who is a Nazi, this is typically and understandably the response most have upon seeing it. So what ensued, as you can see by the video AMC Fight Nights posted to YouTube, was a complete beatdown of Mikhail, by the hands of Rasulov. He ate a barrage of punches on the ground, leading to the TKO stoppage in the first round.

via middleeasy: Nazi Takes MMA Fight, Gets Beat Up In The Cage (VIDEO)

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