New Hampshire postal worker and former correctional officer Jason Riddle first won national attention when he was captured on video drinking a bottle of wine inside the Capitol building during the Jan. 6 riot. But he has since told the FBI he also stole a leather-bound volume from the Senate Parliamentarian’s office, then sold it outside, according to a criminal complaint filed Friday in federal court. Riddle told agents he took the tome from a desk, and “described it as old looking, bound in reddish-brown leather, and [said] it was ‘like a dictionary.’” After spending about 30 minutes inside, Riddle said he left and sold the book, which he remembered being titled “something to the effect of ‘Senate Chambers,’” to an unknown man outside for $40. Riddle later tried to delete any incriminating evidence from his phone, according to the complaint. It didn’t work.

via daily beast: Capitol Rioter Jason Riddle Sold Hot Senate Doc for $40: Feds

siehe auch: NH Man Who ‘Chugged’ Glass of Wine Amid Capitol Riot Says He Has No Regrets. Jason Riddle said he now understands he likely broke the law by going into the Capitol but hasn’t yet heard from any law enforcement agency. A New Hampshire man who attended a Trump rally in Washington, D.C., Wednesday, then swept with a mob into the Capitol building, described drinking wine amid the melee and said he has no regrets. Jason Riddle, of Keene, New Hampshire, says he is a military veteran and a proud supporter of President Donald Trump. Their shared belief that the election results were wrong is why he decided to make the trip to D.C. and protest. “He’s winning the election when I go to sleep and then I wake up and, somehow, he’s magically losing now?” Riddle told NBC10 Boston in a Zoom interview Friday. All U.S. states have validated that there was no fraud in the 2020 election, and fraud hasn’t been proven in dozens of court cases brought by Trump’s legal team.