A NEO-Nazi teen who became Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist at 16 after plotting a “race war” has been unmasked after losing a bid to keep his anonymity secret. Jack Reed, now 18, who is the son of a quantity surveyor, plotted a sick terror attack on schools and pubs. The teen wanted to start a ‘race war’ He was convicted of attempting to obtain ingredients to make explosives in a twisted bid to start a “race war” in Durham when he was 16. His anonymity was retained when he was sentenced because he also faced separate child sex charges – which he has now been given an additional 18 months for. Reed was arrested in 2019 as he set off for school one morning – after cops had monitored his disturbing online posts. In his pocket, police found a chilling note with a sinister message. It read: “Killing is probably easier than your paranoid mind thinks. “You’re just not used to it. Most were caught because they got sloppy.” He was found guilty of six offences at Manchester Crown Court in November 2019, including preparation of terrorist acts and disseminating a terrorist publication, and was sentenced to six years and eight months behind bars. (…) Reed had been searching for extremist material since he was 12, and was referred to the Government’s Prevent deradicalisation programme. Traces of his extremism could be seen on his social media – he was using a portrait of Rhodesia’s 1970s white leader Ian Smith as his Facebook profile picture. He had also set up a Twitter profile named ‘Mosley was right’ – a reference to British 1930s fascist leader Oswald Mosley. Analysis of his devices showed that the 16-year-old had searched for ‘lone wolf’ attacks, as well as terms like explosives, knives, and firearms.

via the sun: TERROR TEEN Boy who became UK’s youngest terrorist at 16 with neo-nazi plot unmasked after losing bid to keep anonymity