German court fined University of Warwick academic Dr Anna Hájková £3,700. Dr Hájková had claimed in a research paper that a concentration camp prisoner had a lesbian relationship with one of her SS guards The prisoner’s daughter was granted an injunction in April after judges ruled the research ‘violated the dignity’ of her dead relative Dr Hájková was then sued in October for allowing the material to remain online. A German court has fined an academic for claiming that a Jewish concentration camp prisoner had a lesbian relationship with an SS guard. Dr Anna Hájková, an historian at the University of Warwick, has been fined €4,000 (£3,700) for breaching an injunction that prevents her from naming the prisoner. The injunction was granted to the woman’s daughter back in April after a judge ruled Hájková’s research had ‘violated the dignity’ of her dead relative, under a German law that protects a person’s reputation from harm even after their deat (…) The survivor, who detailed the women’s relationship in her own memoir, told The Guardian that it would be ‘unthinkable’ for the prisoner to have refused the meetings with the guard, explaining that ‘a prisoner cannot afford to reject a warden who is interested in you. ‘You hope she will help you to be put to easier work and maybe sneak some food to them.’ In the earlier court proceedings in April, the reportedly named prisoner’s daughter said that her mother met the Nazi guard in a concentration camp in Hamburg in 1944.

via dailymail: UK-based Holocaust writer is fined £3,700 by German court over claim that Nazi prison camp survivor had a lesbian relationship with SS guard