Statues torn down. Schools rechristened. A state flag axed. New data shows that 2020’s anti-racist protests are accelerating America’s de-Confederation. More than 100 symbols of the Confederacy across the United States have been removed, relocated or renamed since police killed George Floyd in May, new data shows, providing further proof of the significant scale and impact of anti-racist uprisings that have swept the nation this year. One hundred and two Confederate symbols have been banished from public spaces in the nearly five months since Floyd, a Black man, was killed at the hands of Minneapolis police, according to figures provided to HuffPost by the civil rights group the Southern Poverty Law Center, which gathered the data for its ongoing “Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy” project. By way of comparison, only 142 Confederate symbols were banished in the nearly five years prior to that, according to the SPLC, which started collecting the data in June 2015 after a Confederate flag-loving white supremacist named Dylann Roof shot and killed nine Black parishioners inside a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

via huff: Over 100 Confederate Symbols Removed Or Renamed Since George Floyd Killing

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