STUDENTS at a high school in Indiana are under investigation after a picture emerged of nine boys appearing to form a human swastika, and raising their arms in a Nazi salute. The group at Daleville Community School has already been suspended for five days but now school officials are launching an investigation. Each of the boys in the picture has their right arm raised directly in front of them, reminscent of a Nazi salute. “Daleville Community Schools will not tolerate acts of racism, bias, unlawful harassment, or discrimination of any kind,” read a statement from school Superintendent Paul Garrison, which was posted on the district’s website. “We are profoundly disappointed and shocked by the apparent actions of the students as depicted in the images we have seen posted on social media.” Although each of the students have received five day suspensions they will be allowed to participate in sports for the 2020-2021 school year, reported Stop Antisemitism.

via thesun: NAZI SHOCK Indiana high school students form swastika and perform Nazi salute in shocking gym pic sparking investigation