The Sheriff’s Department says it is investigating a battery and vandalism case involving the man seen driving last week on East County freeways with a Nazi flag. The alleged victim was the driver himself, authorities reported Tuesday. Lt. Ricardo Lopez, sheriff’s media relations director, told Times of San Diego that the driver allegedly was attacked June 28. “We are not going to release the name of the RP (victim) at this time,” he said, using the acronym for reporting party. “Just before 2 p.m., a man contacted the Sheriff’s Department to report his Nazi flag had been vandalized in a store parking lot located in the 1600 block of Alpine Boulevard,” Lopez said. The man says he saw another man tampering with his flag, draped over the rear lift gate of his SUV, Lopez said. “Both men began to argue when the reporting party stated he was pushed by the other man,” he said. “He also claims he was verbally and physically attacked by a woman who appeared to be with the man who had vandalized the flag.”

via times of san diego: Nazi Flag Driver Claims of Battery, Vandalism Probed by Alpine Sheriff’s Station

siehe auch: Nazi Flag Driver, an Iraq Combat Veteran, Has Gun Violence Restraining Order. What would Jesus do? In East County, his namesake displayed a Nazi flag to protest Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ. NBC San Diego’s Dave Summers revealed Wednesday that the man who sought sheriff’s help after his swastika flag was vandalized is Jesus Seineke of Alpine, a divorced father of two. Seineke says he works in community service and makes no apology for his beliefs — a “one-man protest” against American trends in social justice. “I am in total opposition of Black Lives Matter or supporting anything to do with gays,” Seineke told Summers at his home. A month ago, Seineke went further. On an Azerbaijani website that showed KPBS coverage of San Diego protests, the 36-year-old Iraq War combat veteran boasted of having held a “Blue Lives Matter More” sign. He wrote: “People also have a right to stand for their own race or stand up for the police. Bowel Movements Matter, or as [they] like to be called #BLM, is in fact a racist movement fueled with a hatred for our system and targeting those in opposition of their own interests.” Also known as Jesus Enrique Salazar, Seineke has had several run-ins with police, including last December when a frightened classmate’s complaint at San Diego Miramar College led to a judge taking away his firearms. (…) “Clearly this guy is not mentally stable,” the classmate wrote their teacher. “He mentions killing in his [class message board] thread and attaches a Bible verse that talks about killing.” On Dec. 26, 2019, Superior Court Judge Matthew Brower signed a gun violence restraining order against Seineke sought by Angelica Kasinak, a detective with the San Diego Community College District Police Department.

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