It’s where gamers and white nationalists go for content. DLive is a streaming service that aims to provide an unbiased platform for gamers and entertainers, at least according to their website. But like a number of alternative social media sites, it’s got a neo-Nazi problem. Recently, figures from the far-right like Holocaust denier Nicholas J. Fuentes have taken over DLive to stream controversial content. Fuentes, 22, uses DLive to stream hours of videos for his followers, also known as the Groypers. While he posts the occasional stream of Call of Duty, his more popular videos are of his political reactions. Fuentes streamed on Dec. 1, where he responded to comments by Israeli talk show host Joe Basrawi. Basrawi is a Turning Point USA (TPUSA) ambassador.(…) DLive is a streaming platform built on blockchain technology which launched in September 2018. Blockchain is a decentralized system, according to the site “be in crypto,” which means it is hosted across multiple servers that establish a permanent record. This technology differentiates DLive from its competitor YouTube in a few ways. (…) Alex Jones, host of Infowars, also brought notoriety to DLive. He streamed on the site until being deplatformed in April of 2019 for violating community guidelines, according to Modern Consensus. During this time, DLive hosted about 35,000 active streamers. Today, more than 125,000 active streamers converge on DLive, according to a spokesperson for the site. Although DLive banned Jones from streaming, other far-right personas remain prominent. Fuentes is one of them. He announced a 10-hour DLive stream for Dec. 28th on Twitter.

via dailydot: White nationalists are moving from YouTube to DLive