In a statement, Fuentes claimed that the hackers had targeted other streamers in similar attacks. He acknowledged that while the hack was likely not conducted by the IDF, it was connected to a Telegram account called “Am Israel Chai.” IDF Unit 8200, known for its cyber warfare capabilities, has not taken responsibility for broadcasting the pornography on Fuentes’s stream. Notorious white supremacist Nick Fuentes, recently reinstated on X (formerly Twitter) by Elon Musk, streamed LGBT pornography on his personal account. He later claimed that a pro-Israel Telegram channel hacked his cozy channel. In response to footage of the incident posted on X, Fuentes wrote, “This is getting desperate. My proprietary livestreaming site was hacked after my stream went offline by someone claiming to be IDF Unit 8200. The hacker took credit by [watermarking] the porn and leaving messages on the back end of the site. Easily disprovable nonsense,” he added.

via news9live: White supremacist Nick Fuentes streams gay adult content, claims hack by pro-Israel group

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